Sarah Biggs at Barnard Gallery

By MapMyWay
12 July 2019

Sarah Biggs, Barnard Gallery
Gathering Dust - Sarah Biggs

In Gathering Dust, Sarah Biggs seeks to expand the sensorium beyond just the visual to further emphasise the embodied experience.

Since her debut exhibition with Barnard Gallery in 2015, Sarah Biggs has maintained an on-going fascination with the relationship between the human subject and the natural world, with each new body of work seeing a new evolution, expansion, or reimagining of this relationship, this inter-dependence.

Biggs seeks to find ways to re-imagine touch, smell, and sound in visual representation.

Her abstract marks serve not only as suggestions of tangible objects – leaves, flowers, mountains – but simultaneously as markers of the non-visual, of the ways in which sound, touch and smell are woven into our experience of natural spaces, and into our subjective associations with these spaces. Even when Biggs does venture into more figurative portraits, her figures are always immersed in sensorial experience, entirely preoccupied by their surroundings, still seemingly searching for meaning, or for a path through unknown territory.

WHAT:  Gathering Dust – Sarah Biggs

WHEN: until 6 August 2019

WHERE: Barnard Gallery 55 Main St Newlands, Cape Town 7700

INFO:  T+27 021 671 1553   E    Visit