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What makes The Sembach Gallery exceptional is clearly their collection of world class art. But more significantly, it’s their people. Theirs is a diverse and multi-cultural collective, ranging from South African masters to emerging talent from local communities.

Come and see what’s new in June.  Here’s a selection of artists on show right now.

Thomas van Gylswyk

“I reflect on how, on the journey of my life, I was always curious – about everything. Constantly asking myself why I liked something or not and would always try to separate the visual elements, examining the design and colour. I recall always being very sensitive to how particular colours influenced me.”

sembach gallery. Thomas van Gylswyk

Life-size Sprinting Cheetah – Bronze Commission
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Ian Yallop Collection

“My inspiration was Paul Bosman. He was my biggest hero and an incredible wildlife artist and I was lucky enough to spend six months with him in America before he died.” says Ian.

Ian Yallop, Sembach Gallery

Contemporary Wildlife Artist
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David Thorpe

His ‘craft’ has always been, and still is, extremely important to him. Drawing, drawing and more drawing! In his view: An artist is a person who can see, analyse what he sees, and convert three dimensions into two in the case of painting. Colour, theory and composition – perspective, both linear and atmospheric need to be understood. Even if an artist has no understanding of those aspects, he or she must understand light. Without light there is no art.

David Thorpe, Sembach Gallery

Contemporary Portrait Artist & Tutor
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Everett Duarte
Everett Paul Duarte is a contemporary South African artist who’s paintings celebrate colour, life and spirit in an organic way. Bursting, flowing, decomposing and re-emerging the forms appear in a constant state of transition.

Everett Duarte

South African Born – International Artist
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Leila Garde Collection

Hout Bay artist Leila Garde initially studied and worked in the fashion industry. After a long and rewarding design career, having worked with both local retailers and International Designers & Labels, she retired from the industry. Through her work, she has travelled the world extensively, and in turn has been exposed to a multitude of different cultures. Although Leila has always dabbled in “creative ventures”, it was only during the 2020 Covid 19 Lockdown, at 46 that she began to paint full time.

Leila Garde

Contemporary Artist
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Robin Katinyu Rugare

Life-Size White Stallion in Cement Fondu – see top image
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WHERE: Sembach Gallery, 31 Harbour Road, Hout Bay, Cape Town
INFO: C 082 338 8404  |  E  |  Visit 

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