Streetwires – a working artists’ studio

By MapMyWay
30 January 2019

Streetwires, Woodstock
Streetwires has undergone a revamp

Streetwires is a working artists’ studio situated in trendy Woodstock where you can meet the artists, see how things are made, enjoy browsing the store for unique handmade gifts and souvenirs. You can even book a private art lesson if you have time!

Streetwires is a social enterprise, so your support helps keep over 30 previously disadvantaged artists employed.

“We pride ourselves in designing and producing products that are a step above the standard wire and bead craft seen on the streets – through high standards of quality, attention to detail and client-led design philosophy.”

In keeping with this, Streetwires has recently undergone a revamp, and have stocked up on some new designs, not yet in catalogues, as exclusive once-off pieces that make great gifts for collectors of unique pieces.

Included are some new homeware items (vases and vessels), life-size beaded animal trophy heads (much nicer and kinder than the real thing!), a range of white animals for the minimalist, and one very special Ndebele-inspired beaded mirror.

Streetwires also have an amazing selection of small items and souvenirs – but the most exciting thing to see is their artists in work. “We are one of the few ‘working artists studios’ left in Cape Town, so be sure to request a free tour.”

“Our shop revamp also included the creation of small studio space for other local designers from Cape Town. Included is
• Morgane & the Queen (specializing in contemporary jewellery often incorporating repurposed material),
Chloe Obermeyer (a visual artist, who creates work inspired by South Africa in a medium and style that is uniquely her own), RARA studio (exquisite handmade bay shoes), and
Giselle Petty (handmade bespoke jewelry) – even more reason to pop by and see these hidden gems.

WHERE: Streetwires, 354 Albert Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town, 7915

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