Studio Art Gallery offers Donna McKellar Online – #GalleryFromHome

By MapMyWay
1 April 2020

Donna McKellar,
'Unpetrified', by Donna McKellar - Exhibition Catalogue now available

Petrified, this much anticipated exhibition by Donna McKellar at The Studio Art Gallery, can now be viewed and artworks purchased online. Another example of playing #GalleryFromHome.

Unfortunately, the opening event of this exhibition coincided with the COVID-19 Lock-down and  Studio Art Gallery were not able to celebrate with Donna on this remarkable achievement that she worked so tirelessly towards.

Donna McKellar – Artist’s Statement

In a world bound for chaos & decay, the task for any artist is to immortalise a single moment – yet untainted by ruin and rot – in such a way as to present to the viewer a perfect relic of ephemeral beauty. A fossil that is an impression of time itself. This task is not an easy one, not merely an attempt to “freeze time in a bottle”, but rather to extract the feeling from the moment and offer it to the viewer in a way that it can be sensed (and not only observed). As such, these renditions are my deeply personal offering, given with something of my soul.

Petrified (verb) – To become stone. Metaphoric sense of paralasis. To have stopped changing and developing.

WHERE: #GalleryFromHome – visit The Studio Art Gallery from the comfort of your own home.
WHEN: Whenever it suits you
HOW: Click here to view Catalogue.
INFO: C 083 310 3220  I   E
The Studio Art Gallery is currently operating via their website during the current COVID-19 lock-down