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Sue Pam-Grant solo exhibition at Nel Art

by | Oct 23, 2020 | News | 0 comments

Nel Art hosts artist Sue Pam-Grant’s solo exhibition ‘All of the gone’ opening on Saturday 24 October from 10:00 until 16:00 with a performance for the duration of the opening.

Sue Pam-Grant has relocated to Cape Town, where she was born and raised. This sees her assessing her work produced in the Johannesburg studio she kept for the last decade. Everything was packed up after weeks of pouring over the contents of the space.

“We at Nel had been planning on doing something with Sue but with the move it became clearer that this calls for something larger, an exhibition that lifts from many different periods and work from her entire practice. All this looking back seemed very common and pertinent during the times we find ourselves in – the very intense experience of living through a pandemic and its associated lockdowns and regulations, which become part of everyday life, like social distancing and the covering of one’s mouth and nose when in public. These infringements on our liberties, on our bodies and our interactions with one another, our behaviour, are deeply unsettling and it somehow impacts in every corner of our existence.”

Sue Pam-Grant, Nel Art

Sue Pam-Grant writes

Sitting inside the unprecedented place of transience – trying to capture that which is un-capturable – holding both fragility and tenacity in its essence – in its wash – in its flow – the loss and gain of having to let things go… so these are all the themes that are swimming around inside of me – – many have been part of my work for many years but now have been brought under the spotlight in these transient all of the gone times…
I am very conscious of paying attention to what we might have once stepped over – or thrown away – so every trace for me becomes just as important as the work that was being made on top of it – and this is how I come to these incidental landscapes that only appear when noticed… our layers of skin which then make up the we who we are – with all their perforations , scars, cuts , tears, wounds – with all these extraordinary marks that so often are overlooked.
– and so drawings upon pieces of paper that were used underneath other drawings/paintings become beautiful rich narratives that add layers to the drawing – and then there are the media and materials that I am choosing to use – again materials that are often seen as waste – less of, not high art, and that is newsprint, , butchers block paper , trace paper, and the veils are all Chinese ink on Chine rice paper… which look like fabric – as delicate as skin and tenacious as FUCK”  Sue Pam-Grant 2020

WHAT: ‘All of the gone’  – solo exhibition by Sue Pam-Grant
WHERE: Nel Art, 117 Long St (corner Church) Cape Town 8001
WHEN: opening 24 October 2020 at 10:00
INFO:   T  083 324 6512  I    E   I    Visit   I     Facebook     

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