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Tessa Frootko Gordon – Photographs from Grenada, West Indies

by | Feb 12, 2016 | News | 0 comments


Tessa Frootko Gordon, a Boston based, South African- born photographer, will be exhibiting images made over an extended period of time of the West Indian Island of Grenada, at the Irma Stern Museum.

Most islands in the Caribbean are now sustained by tourism, the impact of which has been a redefinition of island national character. Grenada has maintained its agrarian infrastructure for decades, relying on its verdant terrain and bountiful waters.

The island is known for its spices, its sugar plantations, rum industry, and as a source of cocoa used in the production of the world’s finest chocolates

“I have long had a fascination with the heat, mysterious light and vibrant color of the tropics. I see many similarities between my homeland of South Africa and Grenada, similarities in landscape, geography, politics and the influence of British colonialism

My photographs celebrate Grenada’s rich history, and I have forged connections with those in the community who are interested in the multi-faceted issues of preservation. We feel it important I continue to record the architecture, recreational activities, rituals and daily activities of the island.”

“Tessa Gordon has an extraordinary eye for quirky detail enhanced by a rich palette. Her colours resonate warmly with those of the paintings and furnishings of The Irma Stern Museum”- Clementina Van Der Walt, South African Ceramist

WHAT: Days of The Iguana:Photographs from Grenada, West Indies by Tessa Frootko Gordon

WHERE: Irma Stern Museum, Cecil Road, Rosebank, Cape Town 7700

WHEN:  opening SAT 13th February at 11:00. Exhibition closes 5 March 2016


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