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Thabo Makhetha – Sutha Ke Fete: The Art of the Basotho Blanket

by | Mar 22, 2024 | Featured | 0 comments

Meet Cultural Ambassador Thabo Makhetha & Stefan Hundt on the Sanlam Arts Round Up

Thabo Makhetha, in her role as Cultural Ambassador, and Stefan Hundt, Curator of the Sanlam Art Collection, walk us through the exhibition Sutha Ke Fete, focusing on  the art of the Basotho Blanket, at the Sanlam Gallery. 

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Sutha Ke Fete

Thabo Mkheta

Thabo was born in Lesotho and she identifies herself in terms of her motherland’s heritage and culture. As a fashion designer, she is inspired by the contemporary designs, but is also conscious of the history of Basotho blankets.

Stefan explains that the collection on exhibition comprises a range of work  – the older blankets from the National Museum in Bloemfontein and new works acquired by Sanlam.

The title of the exhibition Sutha Ke Fete means out of my way or step aside so I may pass. Thabo provides the context – the blanket was a sign of prestige. Wearing a blanket reflected on ones culture, pride and beauty, so, step aside and see me. The tradition of the blankets, introduced by the missionaries, goes back to the 1830’s when they first began to be manufactured. Over time, with new developments, the tradition erupts as new print and weaving allows for new developments. Modern designers can express themselves in new ways.

Thabo explains that these designers have been an influence on her as a fashion designer and she is creating garments from these contemporary blankets. And we can see that from this photo of her when she spoke at the opening night of Sutha Ke Fete on 19 March.

Sutha Ke Fete

Sutha Ke Fete also marks the 200yrs of the birth of the Lesotho nation, with the blankets reflecting change and transformation over the years. There is a totally new spirit and dynamic! So head to the Sanlam Art Gallery and be visually inspired.

WHAT: Sutha Ke Fete: The Art of the Basotho Blanket
WHERE: Sanlam Art Gallery, 2 Strand Rd, Belville, Cape Town 7530
WHEN: 20 March to 14 June 2024 | Gallery hours  Mon – Fri 09:00-16:30  | Free entrance
INFO: T 021 947 3359  | E  | Visit  | To arrange a tour of the exhibition at the Sanlam Art Collection, contact Stefan Hundt E or via WhatsApp: 083 457 2699, or T 021 947 3359

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