The Big Issue #285 is available NOW

By MapMyWay
27 May 2020

Big Issue #285, COVID-19
The Big Issue #285 - COVID-19 Edition

The Big Issue #285 – COVID-19 Edition (20 May – 19 June 2020) is available from your favourite vendor across the city. Also available in digital format HERE 

“When our vendors lose, we lose” writes Derek Carelse, MD of the The Big Issue.

“The vendor market has decreased radically because their customers are following the lockdown regulations and staying indoors. Our vendors are slowly but surely returning to their pitches as Level 4 of the lockdown will see more customers using the roads.

We have applied to the half-a-handful of funds applicable to us. There has been talk in the media about lockdown relief funds created to support big and small businesses during this period. I see hardly any funds to help non-profit organisations (NPOs), non-profit companies (NPCs) and public benefit organisations (PBOs).

The Big Issue, as a social enterprise operating as an NGO, finds itself between a rock and a hard place.

We do not seem to fit into the neat categories of the lockdown funds’ criteria. Small business grants offered by government and philanthropic foundations are loans of varying type and order.”


The Big Issue #285 is on sale from vendors in Cape Town from 20 May to 19 June 2020. You can also buy a copy HERE    You can allocate a R25 donation/magazine sale directly from The Big Issue Website by tagging a vendoe by name and location.  There is a Vendor Map here.

Don’t forget you can also buy The Big Issue with your smartphone! Visit 
Get your copy and be part of job creation in South Africa.
It’s more than just a good deed; it’s a damn good read.

INFO:  Visit  I  Derek Carelse at regarding Advertising/Marketing.

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