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The Big Issue #294 : 20 March 2021 – 19 April 2021

The Big Issue #294, The Freedom Issue, with Guest Editor, Ryland Fisher, is now on sale available from your favourite vendor across the city. Anyone outside Cape Town can buy the magazine at selected Spar stores or can buy the magazine HERE.

Here are some of the highlights in The Freedom Issue – articles written by Ryland Fisher and other well known journalists and writers.

Ryland Fisher, Big Issue 294

A question of liberty by Ryland Fisher
While there is still much to done to achieve true freedom for all South Africans, media veteran Ryland Fisher shares why we have reason to celebrate. “There are many things wrong with our freedom. There is so much more to be done to achieve true freedom for everybody”.

Careful what you wish for by Gasant Abarder 
Former newspaper editor Gasant Abarder reflects on past fantasies about freedom and the imperfections that come with living in a democracy. “To be free takes hard work”.

Living without chaos by Athol Williams
South African social philosopher and poet Athol Williams weighs up the cost of unfettered chaos. “If we value our freedom of ideas and our freedom of expression, and want to avoid destructive conflict, inculcating compassion offers the greatest hope.”

Being homeless isn’t a crime by Jonty Cogger
An attorney at activist organisation Ndifuna Ukwazi, Jonty Cogger, makes a case for protecting the basic human freedoms of homeless people in South Africa. Who will protect the basic freedoms of the homeless?

Get your copy and be part of job creation in South Africa.
It’s more than just a good deed; it’s a damn good read.Freedom Issue, Big Issue 294

The Big Issue #294 – the Freedom Issue – is available NOW is on sale from vendors in Cape Town  Anyone outside Cape Town can buy the magazine HERE or at selected Spar stores?

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