The Colourist Manifesto, a group exhibition at David Krut Projects

By MapMyWay
17 May 2018

David Krut Projects Cape Town at Montebello Design Centre

David Krut Projects Cape Town presents The Colourist Manifesto, a group exhibition of David Krut associated artists, working with colour in print.

Traditionally, printmaking has existed within a monochromatic realm. However, there are artists who have worked in the David Krut Workshop (DKW) that have pushed the boundaries of printmaking through the use of colour. It is through this showcase, accompanied by The Colourist Manifesto, that artists explore and celebrate the use of colour in various printmaking techniques and the artist’s and DKW’s unique collaborative approach to printmaking.

The Colourist Manifesto booklet includes the artist’s relationship with colour in printmaking, their use of techniques and influences relating to the use of colour in print. The exhibition and manifesto acts as a platform to inform the public about the possibilities of printmaking; which isn’t as black and white as it may seem.

Artists participating in The Colourist Manifesto

Lorenzo Nassimbeni | Penny Siopis | Quinten Edward Williams | Beth Armstrong | Mongezi Ncaphayi | Matthew Hindley | Maja Maljevic | Nina Torr | Jacob van Schalkwyk | Bronwyn Findlay | Joseph Hart | Wilma Cruise | Claire Gavronsky | Senzo Shabangu | Deborah Bell.

WHERE & WHEN: David Krut Projects Cape Town, Montebello Design Centre, 31 Newlands Ave, Newlands,  Cape Town 8001 – until 16 June 2018

NEWS FLASH – David Krut Publishing announces release of Deborah Bell: Invocations to the Plate

Deborah Bell: Invocations to the Plate Notes from the Print Workshop 2014 – 2017, is a publication dedicated to the collaborations between Deborah Bell and David Krut Workshop.

Compiled of Printer’s Notes on the works from 2014 – 2017, this title features the artworks produced over the past three years at David Krut Workshop and is accompanied by text from the artist, Master Printers Jill Ross and Phil Sanders, providing a greater understanding of the artist’s creative process in printmaking.

“Deborah Bell’s Invocations to the Plate highlights the art of collaborative printmaking. What happens in the David Krut Workshop (DKW) when an artist is at work is wonderful to witness. Working alongside a talented artist like Bell opens up a myriad of pathways for a printer. Making a print is a process requiring expertise in complicated techniques, intuition that comes from experience, and alchemy, which transforms and combines elements into something new.” – Master Printer Jill Ross

WHAT: Softcover, 20x20cm, 74pp ISBN: 9780994654045  R250