Trash Bash: Mouille Point 27 July

By MapMyWay
2 July 2019

Trash Bash, Mouille Point
Trash Bash and be part of Plastic Free July

Join Trash Bash at Mouille Point Beach, which is close to the Cape Town CBD and sees much of the day-to-day plastic litter we generate washing up on its shore.

Let’s use this chance to clean up this beautiful beach – together! Two Oceans Aquarium wants YOU to join the Trash Bash on Mouille Point Beach on 27 July!

Plastic Free July is a time for everyone to reflect on their relationship with disposable and single-use plastic items – how much do you use, what impact does it have on the environment and what can you do to reduce or eliminate these items from your life?

“Apart from being good for the environment, cleanups are also good for us humans. Anyone who’s spent a morning with us on a beach to pick up plastic pollution knows that it’s actually a chance to have a ball, to spend time with friends and family, to breathe in some fresh air and feel the sand between our toes, and to leave a slightly better, slightly more informed person.”

WHEN: 27 July 2019  Time: 09h00 to 11h00
WHERE: Mouille Point Beach, Mouille Point, Cape Town 8005 (Park at the Green Point lighthouse, beach parking lot or on Beach Road and look for the blue Two Oceans Aquarium banners)

What to bring to Trash Bash: Sunblock, a hat, water (in a reusable bottle), and reusable gloves (like the ones you’d use for gardening or doing dishes).
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