Undercurrents at StateoftheART Gallery

By MapMyWay
12 October 2018

UNDERCURRENTS | a group exhibition of paintings

UNDERCURRENTS, a group exhibition at StateoftheART Gallery, delves into the hidden depths of the subconscious and explores the dark, curious and peculiar worlds of creative possibility. Each artist brings a personal revelation about the nature of self-hood, and the deep-seated need for connection with either a place or with other people.

Participating artists : Chris Denovan, Joanne Reen, Tanya Sternberg and Jeannie Kinsler

Featuring work by Chris Denovan, Jeannie Kinsler, Tanya Sternberg and Joanne Reen, each artist brings to this exhibition a personal revelation and the deep-seated need for connection with either a place or another person.

In equal part beautiful, uncanny and surprising – each renders visible the endless originality of the human psyche.

  • Joanne Reen (see photo above) focuses her gaze on Monet’s home in Giverny after a recent visit
  • Tanya Sternberg continues to examine mysterious traces and tracks imprinted on the Okovango landscape from an aerial perspective
    • Chris Denovan and Jeannie Kinsler’s portrayal of the human form have an undertone of intrigue, loss and longing

WHAT: UNDERCURRENTS | a group exhibition
WHERE: StateoftheART Gallery, 50 Buitenkant Street, Cape Town Central
WHEN: 01 – 17 November 2018
INFO: Jennifer on 061 129 1899; email info@stateoftheart-gallery.com: or visit