The Waterworks Anthology at Courtyard Playhouse

By MapMyWay
20 January 2020

Waterworks Anthology
Courtyard Playhouse aka Alexander Bar

The Waterworks Anthology, the English translation of Wessel Pretorius’ highly  acclaimed “Klara Maas se Hart is Gebreek: Die Vloeistof Trilogie”,  with a fourth story added, premiers at the Courtyard Playhouse.

Two hapless traveling players unpack their suitcases full of budget store props to tell three short stories based on the adventures of three drops of liquid. A tear falls in love with its crier, a love triangle between a bull, a matador and his cape and finally the seed of love (that’s a euphamism for sperm) witnesses the doomed affair between Romeo and

Critical acclaim for Klara Maas se Hart is Gebreek : die Flooistof Trilogie – now The Waterworks Anthology

‘If you, like me, adore Mel Brooks movies, howl with laughter watching Jeff Dunham’s “Peanut”, have extensive musical and literary references to draw from and to top it off, have a soft spot for freaks and misfits, then The Waterworks Trilogy is right up your street.’ -Marina Griebenow
‘Remarkable .. full of imagination and wonderment .. exquisitely executed .. supremely
intelligent.’ – Fritz
‘A ridiculously hilarious show about bodily fluids? In a world as crazy as the one we are
currently in, this feels positively normal. A love-struck teardrop, an eternal droplet of blood
and a spermatozoon with a hankering to fly. If this doesn’t tickle your soul, nothing will.’ –

WHERE: Courtyard Playhouse (Alexander Upstairs Theatre) Strand Street corner Loop, Cape Town 8001
WHAT: The Waterworks Anthology. Written and directed by Wessel Pretorius. Starring Wessel Pretorius & David Viviers
WHEN: 22 – 25 Jan at 8pm 29 – 1 Feb at 8pm 5 – 8 Feb at 8pm
TICKETS: R180  To Book: Visit 

INFO: C 083 648 1324   E   Visit