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Annual Wildlife Exhibition

Wildlife 2021 – “We value the advocacy of wildlife artists. They enable a deeper understanding of, and affinity for, Southern African Wildlife in their habitat”, comments The Cape Gallery in their introduction to the annual wildlife exhibition. “No artist can paint what they do not know. Through their paintings, sculptures, and graphic works we can vicariously experience a closeness to the animals which would not be possible in the wild, and gain a deeper understanding of the amazing diversity of the creatures we share our environment with.”

We highlight some of the featured artists in Wildlife 2021.

Peter Gray, a renowned International Wildlife artist, featured in this exhibition, makes the point that “The selfish pursuit of wealth or position has had and continues to have a negative impact on our natural environment. However, at the same time, many work tirelessly and unselfishly to preserve it. Like it or not, we are all in the game – playing it out to a lesser or greater degree – sometimes as analysts or conservationists, at other times as spectators, but we all participate. All of us have a responsibility and are accountable.”

Robert Koch is the son of the renowned wildlife artist, Martin Koch, nephew of Francois and Johan Koch. All the brothers are highly exhibited international artists, with Robert following rapidly in their footsteps with his magnificent portrayal of a cheetah family.

David Thorpe’s mastery of his subject and medium, oil on canvas is evident in his ‘Two owls, a wren and a sparrow’. He has engaged so intimately with his subjects he has brought them to rest in his studio, perched beside his brush and pencil.

Noel Ashton has spent over 25 years studying whales and dolphins, specialising as a cetacean scientific illustrator and sculptor. Through his programme Oceans of Africa, which he runs with his wife Belinda, he combines his science, paintings, sculpture, and environmental philosophy within inspirational conservation initiatives.

Lin Barrie lends her voice, and her palette knife to conveying her direct observations of the endangered Wild Dogs in the Save River Conservancy in the southeast of Zimbabwe.

Another artist who wields a palette knife loaded with paint as if it is the essence of life itself is Makiwa Mutomba. His work is instantly recognisable by the array of bright colours that come together to create iridescent animals that look like they are ready to walk right off the canvas to brighten our world with their presence.

Artist Karin Kruger grew up in the Kruger National Park where her father was a Game Ranger. Until she was fourteen years old she lived at Mahlangeni, an isolated game ranger station in the northwest region of the park. They had to row a boat across the Greater Letaba river, filled with hippos and crocodiles, to get to their house. Throughout the years a variety of strays and orphans from the animal kingdom were temporary members of her family. Getting to know the animals as a family, as well as sharing a home with the wild ones, imprinted the animals in Karin’s art. Nature preservation and appreciation remain her passion and she hopes to create awareness and connection through her art.
In a time in which our worlds have become very small, we need to remember that there is a vast and vibrant environment all around us, it is the only one we have, and we have to be the ones to work towards saving it.

See a full list of featured artists in various mediums below.

WHAT: Wildlife 2021
WHERE: The Cape Gallery, 60 Church Street, Cape Town 8001
WHEN:  2 September until Wednesday, October 23 2021. Gallery Hours: Mon to Fri: 09h30 to 17h00, Sat: 10h00 to 14h00
INFO:  T +27 21 4235309 | E | Visit

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Wildlife 2021 Featured Artists:


Noel Ashton, Lin Barrie, Edmund Barton, Hein Botha, Heidi Burstein, Eugenia Campbell,
David Cubin, Peter Diggery, Ant Fynn, Ann Gadd, Anthony Gadd, Peter Gray,
Tony Grogan, Ian Herslet, Donald Heywood, Peter Höhsl, Barry Jackson, Nicholas Jim,
Robert Koch, Karin Kruger, David Kuijers, Nicolaas Maritz, Mandy McKay, Adolfo McQue,
Peter Midlane, Makiwa Mutomba, lisa Narramore, Sophie Nieman, Elizabeth Poulsom, Christopher Reid, Chiraput Samoum, Joan Schrauwen, Frederike Stokhuyzen, David Thorpe, Cobus van der Walt, Gebrand van Heerden, Gordon Vorster, Ian van Zyl, Ron Waldeck


Bowen Boshier, Heidi Burstein, Jonathon Comerford, Marion Cross, Sylvia de Villiers,
Ethel May Dixie, Franscois Krige, Nicolaas Maritz, Peter Midlane, John Moore, lisa Narramore, Hennie Niemann Jr, Sheila Petousis, Heinz Pulon, John Robert, Malibongwe Shangase,
Joan Schrauwen, Deziree Smith, Joan van Gogh

Pastels and Drawings:

Anne George, Jenny Groenewald, Tony Grogan, Angela Key, John Moore, Nola Muller,
Chiraput Samoum, Joan Schrauwen, Conrad Zander


Elise Bodley, Elbe Joubert Domröse, Jenny Hyde-Johnson, Natalia Kononova, Robert G Marshall, Joan Martin, John Perry, Joan Schrauwen, Steve Shooter,
Nico Vosloo


Ardmore, Tania Babb, Jenny Chadwick, Yandiswa Mkaza, Ali Nabavi


Noel Ashton, Boniface Chikwenhere, John Ellison, Peter Gray, Barry Jackson, Thami Kitty, Marco Olivier, Earl Parker, Maureen Quin, Bridget Randall, Rosie Sturgis, Christine Suzman, Steve Tugwell, Bernie van der Vyver

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