Annual Winter Solstice at The Cape Gallery

By MapMyWay
27 June 2018

Annual Winter Solstice - a group exhibition

The annual Winter Solstice exhibition, titled Surface & Interface,  at The Cape Gallery is a time of reflection. In winter recreation brings new challenges. Wet weather drives us indoors and as the nights lengthen towards the Winter Solstice and we feel the chill. Soon earth’s orbit will take us towards the sun and the renewal of spring. It is a turning point, an antique cycle, primed in our memory and body clock.

Long dark nights subvert the rational light of day fostering desire and dreams. It is time to curl up under the duvet with a good book and a glass of wine, a time to let the imagination rove.

‘Surface an Interface’ suggests an intervention in the manner of ‘seeing’ – superficially or with greater penetration – ‘below the surface’.

Artists on show in ‘Surface an Interface’ include:

Tania Babb, John Bauer, Leon de Bliquy, Rachelle Bomberg, Anton Bosch, Mel Brigg, Kitty Dorje, Derek Drake, Rae Goosen, Margot Hattingh, Julie Jana, Rainer Kohl, Lambert Kriedermann, Christopher Langley, Rene le Roux, Charles Maleka, Odette Marais, Nicolaas Maritz, Phillip Mbusi, Peter Midlane, Ernest Manfunny, Sheila Petousis, Linas Petrauskas, Uwe Pfaff, Pamela Silver, Mandy Spiegel, Meshack Tembani, Wilna van der Walt, Peter van Straten, Judy Woodborne, Annari van der Merwe, Theo Vorster, Vuyile Voyiya.

WHERE: The Cape Gallery, 60 Church St, Cape Town 8001

WHEN: On view 21 June – 21st July, Featured on First Thursday 5th July 2018. Gallery Hours: Mon to Fri: 09h30 to 17h00, Sat: 10h00 to 14h00

T +27 21 4235309,