Katherine Spindler at Barnard Gallery

By MapMyWay
7 August 2019

Katherine Spindler, Barnard Gallery
Katherine Spindler’s solo exhibition From Matter to Matter

Katherine Spindler’s upcoming solo exhibition, From Matter to Matter, is, the artist’s fourth solo project at the Barnard Gallery.

From Matter to Matter, conjures empowering feelings or intuitions or dreaded yearnings. The tools Spindler uses, white bread and paper towels – amongst other more conventional appliances – suggests someone who is never wholly enamoured by the dignity of art-making. Rather, what matters far more is the marvellous perplexity it affords.

A chair hovers in a near yet oblique distance … a drooping figure lingers hesitantly between worlds … words cling to surfaces that quiver … nothing binds, and yet everything just does, as Spindler’s world comes into view – as a ‘slow exposure.’

The unlikely marriage of movement and stillness, of tumult and quietude, is a defining characteristic of Katherine Spindler’s oeuvre, eliciting a similar mix of emotion in the viewer. Often blurring, veiling, or erasing the images she works with, Spindler’s intention is to evoke rather than explicate, to suggest more than to prescribe.

Spindler completed both her BA(FA) (2004) and MFA (2011) with distinction at the Michaelis School of FineArt, where she also lectures part time in drawing and printmaking. Her distinguished Masters exhibition, At Sea,drew upon her experience volunteering aboard a hospital ship off the coast of Liberia, and went on to show at Commune.1 in CapeTown. She joined Barnard Gallery in 2014 and in August 2015 presented Selah, her second solo exhibition, and her first with the gallery. Spindler presented her third solo show entitled To Hold Time at Barnard in CapeTown in 2018 followed by her solo project Still at FNB Joburg Art Fair 2018.

WHERE: Barnard Gallery, 55 Main Street,  Newlands Cape Town 7700

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WHEN: 13 August – 17 September 2019.  Hours: Mon -Fri 9-5 or by appointment