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In their third Cabinet at Ebony/Curated are delighted to present a new selection of contemporary paintings from 3 original artists based in and around Cape Town.

The August-September  Cabinet highlights artworks by

  • Benjamin Coutouvidis,
  • Aviwe Plaatjie and
  • Annamieke Engelbrecht.

Ben Coutouvidis’s atmospheric and emotive paintings focus on a particular moment and state of mind, distilling the essence of the subject. Layering landscapes, objects, places and historical references the viewer is invited on a specific emotive journey.  (See image above)

In two recently painted snapshots of everyday life, Aviwe Plaatjie invites us to examine the seemingly ordinary by making his subjects extraordinary. Commentating on his community and current affairs Aviwe elevates individuals, taking a seemingly random moment in time to create contemporary mannerist portraits.

Annamieke Englebrecht’s small and intensely patterned and layered abstract panels are a response to her fascination with the development and sometimes spectacle of internet culture. Deconstructing YouTube videos to their basic elements, Annamieke creates time consuming paintings as a challenge and response to her own impatience and to a world that requires fulfilment, without delay.

Please click the link below to request a copy of the catalogue or to view the August Cabinet on their website.

WHAT: The Cabinet at Ebony/Curated
WHEN: Until 30 September
PHOTO: Benjamin Coutouvidis, ‘Signs Of Our Times and Gariep River’, Oil on Canvas, 2020, 42cm x 53cm

Lwando Dlamini’s hugely successful debut solo exhibition can still be viewed at Ebony/Curated Cape Town gallery until the end of August.  SEE NEWS BLOG